Specialized Markets Gain Critical Versatility and Scalability with Extendable HRGs, Extendable Step Decks and Other Options

(Gatesville, TX) – Recognizing an unmet need within the specialized heavy haul market, premium heavyduty trailer manufacturer Kalyn Siebert is expanding its line of high quality extendable trailers and trailer options to provide one of the most comprehensive product offerings available on the market today. With a range of models that include the Extreme Series 55T Extendable HRG and Step Deck trailers, the HydraLoad equalizing system and the tandem axle split booster, Kalyn Siebert is providing customers in construction, oil/gas and related industries with the versatility and scalability their businesses demand.

“For our niche market customers, the routine is that nothing is routine,” says Kalyn Siebert Managing Director Ryan Rockafellow. “They may be hauling 50-ton vessels one day and 70-ton skids the next. Their trailers need to meet those benchmarks and still perform the way our customers expect them to. We’ve listened carefully to what our customers have told us is important to them, so that we can build the trailers that will fulfill those specialized needs.”

Indeed, Kalyn Siebert’s trademark attention to engineering detail is attracting considerable attention in the industry. At last month’s GATS conference in Dallas, positive buzz was swirling around the crowded Kalyn Siebert booth. Many heavy haul users marveled over the low empty weight of the trailers and related components, impressed that load sizes and capacities are unaffected when the trailers are in various open positions. Others commented on the trailer coatings, noting that because the Kalyn Siebert trailers are shot blast and primed before DuPont paint is applied, the trailers have been designed to withstand the dragging, scraping and chaining that comes with the territory for heavy haul jobs. And, many were quite impressed with pricing and return on investment when considering the high-end functionality, scalability, and quality of the Kalyn Siebert trailers as compared to competitive offerings.

Perry Franks, head of Specialized Trailer Sales for Fleet Equipment in Memphis, Tennessee, has found that listening to customers may be one of the things that Kalyn Siebert does best. “When it comes to getting what we’re looking for with our customers, Kalyn Siebert is the best relationship I have,” he explained. “They are willing to work closely with us when a customer has a specific need, and their entire team is really easy to do business with – from our Kalyn sales contact to their engineering group.”

Franks pauses then and smiles. “The ultimate reward, of course, is when the customer sees their trailer for the first time and puts that first load on it, and it performs as expected in their eyes. Kalyn Siebert has excelled at that.”