Mullins Heavy Haulin

We’re an equipment hauler located in northern Virginia, and we haul almost any kind of equipment to points anywhere east of the Rockies. Cranes, dozers, oversize dump trucks, lifts, you name it, we haul it. We’re a small fleet that travels through a lot of states. That means our equipment has to be versatile and configurable in order to meet the various load requirements.

Our Kalyn Siebert double-drop and beam trailers allow us to do just that, and their empty unloaded weight is an advantage as well.

“They know how to make a trailer strong and lightweight at the same time. They’re experts in efficient and easy-to-use trailer design.”

We got involved with Kalyn Siebert back in 1997. It was their unique gooseneck design that got me interested in their brand. Since that time, I’ve owned a number of Kalyn Siebert trailers, and I keep coming back—I like the way they do business, and I also like being able to deal directly with them on a personal basis.

One of my recent purchases, I went to pick up my new trailer right there in Gatesville, Texas. That was an eye-opening experience—a big plus for me. I got to see how they build in quality and see the pride they take in what they do. They’re a friendly, approachable partner that listens and understands my needs and challenges—and they always deliver a premium value product.

Mike Mullins
Mullins Heavy Haulin