Kalyn Siebert is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of premium, custom-engineered heavy-haul trailers, and equipment for construction, oilfield and energy, national defense and other specialized transportation requirements. With our Texas-tough roots and proven expertise, our customers know and trust us to solve their biggest and toughest transportation challenges. We are…

Engineered to perform. Built to last.

Custom Manufactured

Every trailer we build is uniquely suited to the demands of our customers and their load and region-specific requirements. Our focus on the specialized needs of our customers enables us to deliver custom solutions that are engineered to perform, built to last.

Premium Finish/Durability

Manufacturing our products in the dry Texas climate provides a geographic advantage, greatly mitigating surface corrosion on bare metal and enabling superior finish adhesion, durability and long life, no matter where the unit goes into service.

Premium Built

Our build minimums exceed industry standards and are your assurance of KS quality and durability throughout. This includes custom engineering, military-grade surface prep and finish, targeted material placement and more. This is why every KS product is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Tested Texas Tough

The Kalyn Siebert off-road test facility used to meet military-spec requirements also benefits our non-military customers. All our trailer units are validated on the same demanding off-road test track to ensure they meet your specific requirements and provide the utmost in reliability and durability.



Roman Keller

Kalyn opens doors as a boat accessories manufacturer.


Kalyn Manufacturing Co. established.


Began manufacturing deck boat trailers.


Awarded first military contract.


Established Export Sales Partnership with DEGA.


Heil Trailer International purchases Kalyn Siebert.


Kalyn Siebert enters the Oil and Gas Servicing Market providing trailer chassis to integrated servicing companies.


Achieved ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 18001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 9001 (Quality) certification.


Developed line of wind energy products for hauling the towers and blades.


Developed industry-leading 6 Axle Steer Dolly.


Built 500+ Frac chassis trailers for the Oil and Gas industry.


Launched the Altralite Steel End Dump.


45 Years of Kalyn Siebert


Introduced the industry first Heavy Haul 8 Axle Steer Dolly.


Launched our full service refurbishment garage, boasts over 20,000 sqft of refurbishment and service space.


Kalyn Siebert Launches VersaMAXX™ – Low-Profile Bus/Large Vehicle Transport and Recovery Trailer.


Kalyn Siebert introduces VersaMAXX EXT™.


50 Years of Kalyn Siebert.