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Heavy Haul



Combining the innovative structural design with horizontal, four-pin detachable deck design; Kalyn-Siebert Specialized Heavy Haul Series of heavy-duty equipment transport trailers provides industry-leading stability – even under high center of gravity maximum payloads. The result: the most trusted heavy haul on the job.

Heavy Haul Series

Trailer ModelDescriptionTrailer Capacity
KS-HHL-3A-60T-JEEPHeavy Haul, 60T, Jeep60T
KS-HHL-3A-60T-SP-14-1Heavy Haul, 85T, 14'1" Spread85T
KS-HHL-3A-60T-SP-16-1Heavy Haul, 85T, 16'1" Spread85T
KS-HHL-3A-85T-REARHeavy Haul, 85T, Rear Section85T
KS-HHL-6A-STEERHeavy Haul, 65T, Steer Dolly65T
KS-HHL-LGNKHeavy Haul, 85T, Large Neck85T
KS-HHL-MD-30Heavy Haul, 85T, Main Deck,30'85T
KS-HHL-SMNKHeavy Haul, 85T, Small Neck85T
KS-HHL-DI5Heavy Haul, 85T,Deck Insert 5'
KS-HHL-DI10Heavy Haul,85T,Deck Insert 10'
KS-HHL-DI15Heavy Haul,85T,Deck Insert 15'

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