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Removable Gooseneck Trailers



For more than 50 years, Kalyn Siebert has been setting the standard for high-performance trailers to support the needs of customers in various industries with specialty transportation equipment ranging in capacity from 25 – 250 tons. Designed, engineered and handcrafted in the heart of Texas.

Removable Gooseneck Series

Trailer ModelDescriptionTrailer LengthTrailer Capacity
KS-RGN-2A-40T-MECHMech Rem Gsnk, 40T, Std48 Feet40 Tons
KS-RGN-3A-50T-MECHMech Rem Gsnk, 50T, Std53 Feet50 Tons
Trailer ModelDescriptionTrailer LengthTrailer Capacity
KS-HRG-3A-55THyd Rem Gsnk, 55T, Std53 Feet55 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-55T-18DKHyd Rem Gsnk, 55T, 18" Dk53 Feet55 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-55T-DSRHyd Rem Gsnk, 55T, Drop Side53 Feet55 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-60THyd Rem Gsnk, 60T, Fixed Rear53 Feet60 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-60T-DSRHyd Rem Gsnk, 60T, Drop Side53 Feet60 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-60T-MODHyd Rem Gsnk, 60T, Modular53 Feet60 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-60T-MOD-DSRHyd Rem Gsnk, 60T, Mod, DSR53 Feet60 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-65T-MODHyd Rem Gsnk, 65T, Modular53 Feet65 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-65T-MOD-DSRHyd Rem Gsnk, 65T, Mod, DSR53 Feet65 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-70T-MODHyd Rem Gsnk, 70T, Modular53 Feet70 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-70T-MOD-DSRHyd Rem Gsnk, 70T, Mod, DSR53 Feet70 Tons
KS-HRG-4A-65T-9WHyd Rem Gsnk, 65T, Fixed,9W61.5 Feet65 Tons
KS-RGN-2-35T-HYD-MDHyd Rem Gsnk, 35T, Mini Deck53 Feet35 Tons
KS-RGN-2A-40T-HYDHyd Rem Gsnk, 40T, Std49.5 Feet40 Tons
KS-RGN-3A-50T-HYDHyd Rem Gsnk, 50T, Std54.6 Feet50 Tons
Trailer ModelDescriptionTrailer LengthTrailer Capacity
KS-HRG-3A-55T-EXT-29-50Hyd Rem Gsnk, 55T, EXT 29-5056-77 Feet (Extendable)55 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-60T-EXT-26-44Hyd Rem Gsnk, 60T, EXT 26-4453-74 Feet (Extendable)60 Tons
KS-HRG-4A-65T-EXT-9WHyd Rem Gsnk, 65T, EXT,9W61.5-74.5 Feet (Extendable)65 Tons
KS-RGN-2A-40T-EXT-MECHMech Rem Gsnk, 40T, Ext 29-5048-69 Feet (Extendable)40 Tons
KS-RGN-3A-50T-EXT-HYDHyd Rem Gsnk, 50T, Ext 29-5054.5-76.5 Feet (Extendable)50 Tons
KS-RGN-3A-50T-EXT-MECHMech Rem Gsnk, 50T, Ext 29-5053-74 Feet (Extendable)50 Tons
Trailer ModelDescriptionTrailer LengthTrailer Capacity
KS-HRG-3A-55T-PAVERHyd Rem Gsnk, 55T, Paver53 feet55 Tons
KS-HRG-3A-60T-PAVERHyd Rem Gsnk, 60T, Paver53 feet60 Tons
KS-HRG-1A-12T-BOOSTER14'1" Mech Booster, 12T, HRG
KS-HRG-1A-12T-FLIPFlip Axle, 12T for HRG
KS-HRG-1A-12T-FLIP-HYDFlip Axle, 12T-HRG, Hyd Assist
KS-HRG-1A-12T-TAGIntermediate Axle, 12T, HRG
KS-HRG-2A-24T-FLIP2 Axle Set, 24T for HRG
KS-HRG-BD26-60TBeam Deck, 26',60T
KS-HRG-BD26-65TBeam Deck, 26',65T
KS-HRG-BD26-70TBeam Deck, 26',70T
KS-HRG-DI5Deck Insert 5'
KS-HRG-DI10Deck Insert 10'
KS-HRG-DI15Deck Insert 15'
KS-HRG-FN24Flip neck, 24" for HRG
KS-HRG-FN36-EXTFlip neck, 36" for HRG EXT
KS-HRG-FN60Flip neck, 60" for HRG
KS-HRG-FN72Flip neck, 72" for HRG
KS-HRG-FN105Flip neck, 105" for HRG
KS-HRG-SP-HYD1-14-114'1" Spreader, Nitro Hyd1
KS-HRG-SP-HYD2-14-114'1" Spreader, Nitro Hyd2
KS-HRG-SP-MECH-14-114'1" Spreader, Mech
KS-RGN-1A-12T-FLIP-WCFlip Axle, 12T, Covered Wheel

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