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Sliding Axle



Kalyn Siebert Sliding Axle transport trailers are the right choice for towing low-clearance construction equipment, cargo containers, agricultural equipment, or pulling just about anything you can imagine where slide axle adaptability is an asset. Now available with a fully galvanized option that provides superior protection against corrosion. The low 7-degree approach angle and a 20K neck-mounted winch make dragging damaged or disabled equipment onto the deck routine. Options like dock levelers, 6-function remote controls, 20HP power pack, bulkheads, and work lights allow these sliders to be as versatile as you need them to be.

Sliding Axle Series

Trailer ModelTrailer LengthTrailer Capacity
KS-HSA-2A-40T-4848' (California Legal)40T
KS-HSA-2A-40T-5050' (California Legal)40T
KS-HSA-3A-55T-4848' (California Legal)55T
KS-HSA-3A-55T-5050' (California Legal)55T

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