Moore Truck & Equipment Co.

We’re a specialized trailer dealer serving the oil & gas industry with trailers that move oil rigs and equipment. We started our company here in Shreveport back in 1973, at one of the worst times for the oil business. While it may have been a hard time to be part of the industry, you could say it was one of the best things for our business because we learned just how valuable integrity and trust was to us—and to our customers.

It’s those pressures that shaped our way of doing business—listening to our customers and doing our utmost to make sure everything we offer is what we would expect for ourselves. We sell new and used, from a variety of brands, and that gives us the unique perspective on what works, what lasts and what companies are good partners to work with. Kalyn Siebert is one of the best partners we’ve ever worked with.

“We started working with Kalyn Siebert in 2002 and have found they build trailers that not only work hard, they’re easy to operate and maintain and tend to last longer in the field. They keep their promises and deliver on time.”

Because we serve the changing needs of oil drillers, they will often approach us with specific requests for customization or ways to solve the unique challenges of handling their equipment properly, safely and efficiently. The engineering team at Kalyn Siebert always takes the time to listen to customer input and incorporate customization and innovation into their trailers. They’re a partner I can depend on for great products and expert customization.

Wayne Moore
Moore Truck & Equipment Co.